Frequently Asked Questions

Please read below a selection of Questions and Orsi's answers. 

Q: What is your signature style?

O: As a creative, my personal aesthetic preferences reflect in my work, therefore there is a recognizable common thread in our projects.  Our work has been referred to as "MODERN RUSTIC" which describes the balancing act of warm finishes and modern elements.  Our installations feel effortless and easygoing with the intent that our clients can focus on enjoying their homes instead of maintaining it. We love working with treasured items and giving them new life by rethinking them for a more modern feel.  The end result is soulful, "COLLECTED" interiors designed for modern day living.

Q: What brand of products do you use in your projects?

O: Orsi Panos Interiors is not sponsored by brands, therefore we do not push certain brands of products onto clients.  We source unique finishes and items for each project that suits the client's budget and aesthetic preference.  We have done the legwork and have built relationships with a long lineup of vendors that can accomodate the needs of any project.

Q: Who does the design work?  Will I get to work with Orsi or other designers?

O: Orsi Panos Interiors is a small, boutique style design firm.  Orsi leads all consultations and design work, while support staff takes care of the behind the scenes work such as drafting and administration.  

Q: How far in advance are you booking?

O: It takes time to prepare for a renovation.  Depending on the scope of work it may take months to plan for the commencement of a project.  We are currently taking on projects for Summer and Fall 2018.

Q: Do you have a preferred contractor?

O: We have a a design-build partnership with Lyons Construction.  Together we have successfully developed a project management system and understanding of standards which ensures the best possible outcome in a design project.  We have done many projects together and all our clients are beyond thrilled with the process and results.