New This Week: 3 Ways to Balance a White Kitchen

Read the full article: January 2017 issue of Houzz

Authored by: Mitchell Parker
Photography by: Stephani Buchman

White continues — and will continue — to be the overwhelmingly popular choice for kitchen cabinets.  Some 42 percent of homeowners will choose white cabinets this year, according to a recent Houzz study on kitchen trends.  But the choices you make in addition to the white cabinets will make the difference between having a comfortable, bright space and an icy lair reminiscent of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude.  The following kitchens with white cabinets show how to introduce color, contrast and warmth.

Designers: Orsi Panos of Orsi Panos Interiors and Louie Katsis of Olympic Kitchens Location: Toronto

Homeowners’ request: Overhaul a combined kitchen, family area and seating area into a new kitchen with white cabinets and a dining area. 

How they made it happen: View magazine article

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