A Confined and Outdated Kitchen is Converted into a Character-Filled Cooking Space Fit for a Family of Five.

Read the full acticle: March 2016 issue of Style at Home Magazine

Live in a house for more than a decade and you’ll grow close to all of its idiosyncrasies – every cramped corner, every tarnished knob and every cleverly disguised wine stain.  What’s harder to detect is its potential.  For Christine and John Stergiu, who live in Whitby, Ontario, with their three (3) children (ages 14 to 20), it was designer and friend Orsi Panos who saw the promise in their 37-year-old home.  “They were contemplating moving,” says Orsi.  “So I went over there for a consultation and said, ‘You know what?  I can make this the house of your dreams.’” Then in 2014 came the five-month two-level renovation, which involved gutting the narrow and outdated kitchen to make way for a functional open-concept cooking space. 

How they made it happen: View magazine article (7MB)

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