Tips for Creating a House that Feels Right

Authored by Orsi Panos on May 04 2015

Do you walk into your house and feel your stress level rise?  You may not realize it, but it is probably the wrong wall colour that disturbes you, the lack of light that makes you feel blue, the arrangement of furniture that unbalances you. 

Colour Psyhocology has proven that colour has a huge impact on our mood.  Choosing the correct hues for your home, while considering the function of each room is key in achieving a home that feels right for you.  For example, yellow is vibrant and cheerful for a kitchen, but is not ideal for a bedroom. 

Clutter and lack of functionality increases stress and decreases productivity.  If your front hall is covered with shoes and coats are flung over chairs in the dining room, it's time to fix the closet situation and add a cabinet to store all the clutter.  If you have a house full of furniture, take some time to edit: donate what's not functional, refinish what needs refreshing, and only keep what you love.

Lighting is one one of the most important aspects when it comes to achieving harmony.  Windows, skylights are critical, while layered lighting such as lamps, chandeliers, sconces, potlights and entagrated lighting in furniture can combat lack of natural light.  When layered lighting is in place, you can choose to have it dim or bright depending on the desired feel.

Furniture placement is key in achieving a friendly environment.  Putting everything against the wall is what most people default to.  To create a cozy family room, pull furniture together into groups where conversation and reading can take place.  If you have a view or fireplace, face a pair of chairs towards it and enjoy your surroundings.

Making your home personal is the most important step.  Nothing will make you smile more than a gallery wall of your favourite photos. Mix heirloom pieces with new furniture to get a collected look.  Travel momentos like seashells, watercolours of sights also make for meaningful and soothing decorations.