Trend Forecast

When STYLE AT HOME magazine asked me to weigh in on their 2018 TREND forecast, I thought long and hard how I can best contribute to their editorial and stay true to my beliefs at the same time.  Because you see, I don’t subscribe to trends.  Trends come and go; last year’s must-have-tropical-print already feels dated, millennial pink is not for everyone and black shower heads are a nuisance to keep clean. 

I believe in a classic approach to design, I stir my clients towards timeless elements so that their newly designed spaces feel comfortable, easy going, effortless for a long, long time. 

My mantra is: Buy the best you can.  And be practical and true to yourself.  Always. 

I think when you acquire something it should be of such caliber that you’ll treasure it for quite a while.  When you wallpaper a room, it should not date within a decade.  When you buy a sofa, it ought to remain comfy and in pristine condition for at least 10 years.  When you buy art, it’d better inspire you, make you dream, remind you of a special place or time and therefore art is pretty much forever. 

I do believe in the evolution of design, our lifestyles dictate design movements that gain momentum over a period of time and are here to stay.  For example; I love the shift towards blonder wood finishes, because lighter wood lends itself to brighter interiors and let’s face it we are so ready for feeling light and bright.  Incorporating natural elements is another current that is not going anywhere anytime soon, because such elements create calm environments in our crazy busy lives.  Mixing metals and finishes, layering are all non-trendy tips that have always been present in design and are not going to fade away. 

The biggest evolution I see for the upcoming years relates to kitchen design.  We are designing kitchens that feel like rooms, they are no longer utilitarian spaces.  It’s where our clients spend most of their time making beautiful meals, creating memories, socializing with friends.  We are designing kitchens that are truly personal with unique features, bespoke cabinetry and they are not at all your standard all white kitchens.  Clients are giving us the green light to apply a bolder approach to kitchen design which is so refreshing.  We are specifying kitchen cabinetry that looks like furniture, we are bringing in interpretations of bookcases and comfy chairs and gallery walls.  We are using handmade tiles, custom fixtures, stunning pendant lights and chandeliers in an effort to take kitchens to the next level and to add more meaning to the home.  We are even trading storage space for display space to showcase collections of mocha pots, and pretty plates and mugs.  Go figure!

If you’d like to read more about STYLE AT HOME magazine’s 2018 TREND forecast and see my contribution, click on the link below.