Ten Reasons Why You Should Hire a Design Professional

Authored by Orsi Panos on May 05 2015

  1. Designers are visual thinkers.  A decorator or designer looks at your space and sees the potentital right away and can transalate your wishlist into a beautiful, well functioning home.

  2. Designers think of all the practical details.  They think of ways to maximize the functionality of your space, right down to the detail of which way a door should swing.

  3. Designers know current trends, have access to the latest products and solutions.  All the good stuff is at their fingertips.

  4. You'll get access to your designer's skilled trades.  From contractors to wallpaper installers, designers have a network of professionals to get the job done within your budget.

  5. Your designer will be your advocate.  If there is a contractor involved, she'll be on your side, making sure your project goes smoothly and on time.  You designer will make the nagging decisions on your behalf, trouble shoot and lead the process so you can stay focused on enjoying life.

  6. Designers can give you the "wow" factor you have been looking for.  Designers think outside of the box and introduce you to ideas that you would not have thought of.

  7. Designers keep you on budget.  With a wide range of product being available in every category, your designer will choose the brand that fits within your budget.  Designers know where you should invest in quality and where you can save, maximizing on your hard earned dollars.

  8. Designers save you money.  Designers get preferred rates from trades professionals, stores and manufaturers.  This discount is usually shared and may offset designer fees.

  9. Designers see potential problems and help you avoid making costly mistakes.  Nothing is more costly than fixing problems or reordering product that does not fit or suit your home.

  10. Designers save you time, they have already done the research and narrowed down the best solutions.  When you work with a designer, you eliminate countless hours of exhausting research.